Multiple Shimmer Loading Effects with Android Jetpack Compose 

Get a comprehensive understanding of shimmer animations and how they can elevate your app's aesthetics. You will explore the flexibility of implementing different styles of shimmer animations, allowing you to tailor the user interface to match your app's design and branding. Moreover, this course is an opportunity to improve your knowledge of animations within Jetpack Compose. And by the end of the codelab, you'll have the skills and confidence to implement a shimmer animation on your own!

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • The benefits of displaying a Shimmer effect to users while they wait for the information.
  • Shimmer placeholders.
  • Customize the user experience by learning about implementing different styles of Shimmer animation such as color, duration, and direction. 
  • Create an extension function on a Modifier class, to reuse the same animation on multiple different composables.
  • Learn about animations in Jetpack Compose along the way!
  • Use a new Material 3 design system in combination with animation. 

Meet the instructor

Stefan Jovanović 

Content Author & Course Instructor

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