Frequently Asked Questions

What is droidcon academy?

E-learning platform for mobile developers and by mobile developers. 

Since 2009 droidcon has been supporting the android community through our global network of droidcon conferences, professional android development publications, free webinars and more. 

This coding school enhances our committment to the Android developer community by bringing developers professionally developed courses and structured learning paths aimed at helping developer succeed in every phase of their careers.

What are codelabs?

A typical codelab is designed to provide a step-by-step and guided hands-on experience to a learner. The instructor will help you start with a starter project, cover all the Learning Objectives by coding on top of the starter project, and you'll build the complete app by the end of the codelab. 

What is the content format of a codelab at academy? 

Each codelab published on our platform will be either in a video format or in a written eBook format. In some cases, a codelab could be published in both formats. 

How is the content at droidcon academy different from other platforms?

Each codela on our platform goes through multiple levels of QA checks as well as technical checks. We have our own internal team which reviews the projects being used in a codelab, content quality, and perform tech edits on each eBook or Video codelabs. 

With us, you'll have the opportunity to learn from some of the most notable professionals in the field. We are intricately involved with education worldwide. 

Our codelabs are equipped with coding challenges and quizzes to challenge your learning curve and keep you engaged. The instructor will also walk you through the solution of the code challenge at the end of the codelab. 

What is Corporate Subscription? Can I track my employees progress?

If your team have a specific learning-needs, we are happy to match qualified instructors with your team's needs to develop a course or a series of courses that suit your specific needs. 

We offer team subscription at a competitive prices. 

For more details, visit our Corporate Pricing Page

How can I purchase a course?

You can either purchase an individual codelab or buy our subscription plan. Subscription plan enables you to access all the existing codelabs and also provided you access to all new codelabs being published each month. 

Go to any codelab home page and select Subscribe button. It will allow you to choose a subscription plan. 

How does billing work?

We offer flexible billing terms. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually by your credit card. You can always reach us out through Contact Us page.

Can I test a full course prior to the purchase?

We have a few Free codelabs accessible from our home page. Feel free to check them out. For all other codelabs, you can visit the home page and checkout the content of that codelab. 

How can I apply as an Instructor?

We have an option as "Become an Instructor". Just click on the link, fill out the form and we will contact you. 

Do I receive a certificate upon completion of a course?

Yes, we do offer a certificate for completion of a course which you will find in each codelab. Once you finish a codelab, you can download it and share it on your social media including LinkedIn.