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Learning Paths and Course Topics

Android Learning Paths
Each learning path consists of a series of fundamental core courses, advanced up-skilling and roadmap courses

  • Kotlin for Android DevelopersSenior Developers
  • Android User Interface: Views and Layouts
  • Android Data Storage
  • Android IDE and Tools
  • Styling Android Apps: Look and Feel
  • Android Architecture and Components
  • Android Networking APIs and Libraries
  • Android App Navigation
  • Android's Modern Toolkit: Jetpack Compose
  • Android Testing Framework
  • Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile
  • Third Party Libraries and Tools
Flutter Learning Paths
Each learning path consists of a series of fundamental core courses, advanced up-skilling and roadmap courses

  • Dart for Flutter Developers
  • Start Developing for Flutter
  • Adding Interactivity & Designing Flutter Apps
  • State Management in Flutter
  • Persist Data in Flutter
  • Networking in Flutter
  • Advanced Flutter UI
  • Using Firebase with Flutter
  • Platform Integration & Deploying Flutter Apps
  • Working with APIs in Flutter
  • Testing & Debugging Flutter Applications