Satyam Vijay Gondhale

Content Author & Course Instructor

Meet our Google Certified Associate Android Developer, who has been in the Android application development field for the last 5 years. With a solid track record of working on many popular apps (Axio & Apna Jobs) for startup companies, this individual enjoys making connections with people and learning from them. Currently, our developer is part of the Globallogic company and spends free time learning new things, obtaining certifications, and indulging in technical writing

As a tea and coffee lover, our developer's go-to hobby is googling at work. Passionate about Android, he enjoy working on products that make people's lives easier and bring smiles to their faces. This developer has a passion for sharing learnings and experiences with others, which is why he loves attending technology events.
He has a let's-learn-and-grow-together attitude and is a technical writer for the Nerd for Tech community. Additionally, this individual serves as an ambassador for the MentorCruise mentoring platform.

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