Gustavo Lizárraga

Content Author & Course Instructor

I’m a Systems and Computer Science Engineer with a passion for mobile application development for Android and iOS, specializing in technologies such as Kotlin, Swift, and Flutter to create innovative and functional solutions for startups and enterprise applications.I work as a Developer Relations (DevRel), and I really enjoy all areas such as content creation, communities, tech training, advocacy, technical writing, event organization, and more, because they allow reaching developers and growing a brand or company.I’m a certified instructor in software development and technology on different platforms and academies around the world, mainly teaching mobile application development at Universities and providing training to companies.For the past 13 years, I have been actively involved in leading technology communities, organizing events, and delivering talks and workshops in different cities of my country and abroad. I have been leading technology communities such as GDG, DevC, and KUG. And I’m affiliated with programs such as Auth0 Ambassador, GitKraken Ambassador, and I am also a GitHub Campus Expert Alumni.

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