What's New in Dart 3?

In Google IO 23, Dart 3 is the major advancement for the Dart language. It got multiple new important features like structured data, multiple returns from function, pattern matching, new switch expressions, and class modifiers. Let’s explore them and get up-skilled with all-new Dart 3 features. 

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • What’s new in Dart 3?
  • Records: Return multiple values (Positional and Named Values) 
  • Pattern Matching: Syntax and Structure Matching 
  • Pattern Matching: JSON Pattern Matching 
  • New Switch Statements (Expressions)
  • Class Modifiers: sealed, final, base, mixin, and abstract.

Meet the instructor

Shrihriday Bhagwat

Content Author & Course Instructor

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