Using Figma and Relay to Build an Android App with Jetpack Compose

Use Google Relay, a new Figma plugin that creates Jetpack Compose components from your Figma designs. This eliminates the need for you to manually code the components, saving you time and effort. To begin, we will create a new Figma file and design a login screen. With the Relay plugin, we will then export the designs as ui-packages. The UI-packages will then be imported into Android Studio as compose components, and we will explore the generated code. We'll use the generated code in our app to see how well it looks. You will be able to create Jetpack Compose components from your Figma designs by the end of this video. You will also learn how to pull the new design changes from Figma and map Figma styles with the Compose theme.

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • Introduction to Figma and Relay Plugin
  • Design Components in Figma and prepare them for Compose UI
  • Export Figma designs into UI Packages
  • Import Figma design UI packages into Android Studio as Jetpack Compose components.
  • Integrate UI packages with existing Android Compose components.
  • Pull updated design version for existing UI package from Figma.
  • Use the style-mapping feature of Relay to link Figma styles to Compose theme tokens.
  • Replace UI Packages with existing composables inside the generated code.

Meet the instructor

Somasundaram Mahesh

Content Author & Course Instructor

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