Securing Android apps against Reverse Engineering

Mobile applications need to be functional, but they also need to be protected against hackers who utilize reverse engineering to steal data and tamper with apps. In this course, you’ll learn how to secure Android mobile applications against reverse engineering. We’ll get into what reverse engineering is and why it’s a risk factor for data breaches and other security incidents. Learn all about the various types of automated tooling used for application security with a focus on obfuscation and RASP checks. We’ll demonstrate step-by-step how to utilize these security tools in the software development lifecycle to protect apps and strengthen an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy. Complete the course with knowledge about the risks associated with reverse engineering and what developers can do to protect Android apps against reverse engineering. Learn how app hardening and shielding can prevent hacking and keep data secure. 

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • Fundamentals of Mobile App Security 
  • Understanding Reverse Engineering of Android apps 
  • Protect apps against Reverse Engineering & Tampering 

Meet the instructor

John Brawner

Content Author & Course Instructor

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