Permissions on Android

Explore permissions in Android apps to support user privacy by protecting access to potentially sensitive data beyond the application sandbox. Permissions can enhance the functionality of an app by allowing it access to the internet, device location, camera, and more. 

Course Description

In this course, Permissions on Android, you’ll learn all the fundamentals of using Permissions in Android. First, you’ll explore various types of permissions that exist in Android. Next, you’ll learn how to declare a permission in the app's Manifest file. Moving forward, you’ll explore how to request permissions in runtime and also evaluate whether your app needs to declare permissions. Finally, you’ll handle permission denial and learn about Android 13 notification permission. 

By the end of the course you will have mastered:
(topics which viewers will learn)
  • Evaluate whether your app needs to use permissions 
  • Explore various types of permissions: Install-time permissions, Runtime permissions, and Special permissions. 
  • Explore how to group permissions
  • Learn to declare app permissions.
  • Learn to request permissions at runtime
  • Handle permission denials
  • Explore Android 13 notifications permission
  • Explore best practices while implementing permissions in your apps  
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