Perform Public Key Pinning in KMM Project with Ktor to Enhance App Security

Ktor is a popular framework for Kotlin multiplatform projects but lacks built-in support for public key pinning. This course teaches you how to implement public key pinning for your Ktor HTTP client in Android and iOS apps using Ktor engines.

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore

  • Setting up HTTP client in KMM-based project using Ktor 
  • What is public key pinning and how it’s significant from security perspective? 
  • What is an engine in Ktor and why they can be useful?
  • What is OkHttp and Darwin engine respectively for Android and iOS apps.
  • Achieve Public key pinning using OkHttp and Darwin engine respectively for Android and iOS. 

Meet the Instructor

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Hardik Trivedi

Content Author & Course Instructor

Hardik Trivedi is a software engineer, with Android as his main expertise. Hardik has worked on projects in various sectors. He likes to design and develop a system with scalable and testable architecture in mind. He also has hands-on experience in mobile security. Hardik is also a Kotlin specialist and the proud author of two Kotlin books. In his spare time, he likes to play Chess and cook lip-smacking food