Navigating with Deep Links in Android Jetpack Compose

Explore what deep links are and then understand the differences between web links and app links. You will learn how to add support for deep links in an Android app and also how to handle requests for deep links inside your Jetpack Compose app. In addition, you will learn about URL design best practices for effective navigation of deep links. Furthermore, you learn how to open deep links in Android applications using the ADB tool. Last, but not least, you will be shown how to upgrade your deep links to app links so that users can access all parts and features right from within the app, without leaving the application.

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • Learn the differences between Deep Links vs. Web Links vs. App Links 
  • Add Support for Deep Links to Android apps 
  • Define deep link destinations in Jetpack Compose Navigation graphs
  • Open deep links in Android apps using the ADB tool 
  • Upgrade deep links to app links using the autoVerify attribute 
  • Verify app links using the debug version 
  • Verify app links using the release version

Meet the instructor

Mehdi Haghgoo

Content Author & Course Instructor

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