Mastering Swipe to Action with Jetpack Compose in Android 

Dive into the world of swipe-to-action interactions in Jetpack Compose. Learn to implement swipe gestures effortlessly, enhancing your app's user interactions and overall user experience. 

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • Understand the importance of swipe-to-action such as swipe-to-reveal interactions in an Android App. 
  • Learn how to use anchoredDraggable modifier to detect drag gestures and offset modifiers to move components. 
  • Explore customisation options for swipe directions, animations, and thresholds. 
  • Learn how to save the state of the draggable content through configuration changes. 
  • Implement Swipe-to-Action for various UI components, enriching user interactions.

Meet the instructor

Beatrice Kinya

Content Author & Course Instructor

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