Guide to Managing States in Android Jetpack Compose 

Explore state management in Jetpack Compose through hands-on guidance, starting with foundational state concepts. Learn to effectively manage UI changes and delve into state hoisting for modular component design. Master advanced techniques in state restoration and navigation to enhance app functionality. Gain practical skills in working with Android Architecture Components. The course progresses to troubleshooting common state-related challenges and optimizing app performance. Develop the ability to build responsive and robust Android apps. By the end, you'll thoroughly understand state management in Jetpack Compose, ready to handle various state management scenarios in your Android projects.

Course Objectives

In this master codelab, you’ll explore:

  • Mastering the Essentials in State Management
  • State and MutableState in Jetpack Compose
  • Apply State Hoisting to Create Reusable Components
  • Integrate LiveData and ViewModel for robust state handling
  • Apply techniques to preserve app state across restarts and configurations changes
  • Explore navigation scenarios and their implications for state management
  • Implement UI design patterns to efficiently represent state
  • Diagnose and debug common state management issues
  • Optimize state management for performance and consistency

Meet the instructor

Loreleen Mae Sablot

Content Author & Course Instructor

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