Gradle Hacks: Elevate Your Android Development with Version Catalogs and Kotlin Gradle Files

Unlock the full potential of Gradle in your Android development journey with this codelab. Learn to harness Gradle Version Catalogs for seamless dependency and plugin management, ensuring a robust and maintainable project structure. Learn to migrate from traditional Groovy Gradle files to Kotlin Gradle files. Dive into advanced techniques to eliminate boilerplate code from your multi-module projects, promoting cleaner, more efficient coding practices. Elevate your Gradle skills and enhance your workflow with practical insights and hands-on exercises in this essential course for Android developers. 

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • Understanding the Challenges with your Gradle files in multi-module Android applications.
  • Recognise the limitations and complexities of traditional Gradle configurations with Groovy.
  • Learn the benefits of migrating from Groovy to Kotlin for Gradle files in Android projects.
  • Learn how to migrate a Groovy file to Kotlin (.kts Gradle file)
  • Consolidate common configurations in the main Gradle file to streamline multi-module project settings
  • Significance of Gradle Version Catalogs 
  • Understand how Gradle Version Catalogs serve as a centralised mechanism for managing plugins and dependencies
  • Reduce boilerplate code in Gradle files for improved readability and maintainability

Meet the instructor

Belal Khan

Content Author & Course Instructor

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