Diving into Autofill Framework in Android with Jetpack Compose to Improve User Experience 

If your application runs on Android 8.0 and above and has forms or Text Fields that allow the users to input their data, you should enhance the user experience by using the Autofill framework to fill out the user-related data such as their email, password and even username. This is because filling out forms is time-consuming and error-prone. This course guides you on how to use the Autofill framework to automatically fill out user-related data in your application’s forms or edit texts, thereby teaching you how to enhance your app’s usability and user satisfaction.

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • What is the Autofill framework? 
  • Benefits of using Autofill framework 
  • Components of Autofill framework: Autofill service and Autofill client 
  • Autofill framework with predefined hint constants 
  • How to integrate Autofill with your jetpack compose app’s forms while following the Autofill workflow?
  • How to test the Autofill integration?

Meet the instructor

Gibson Ruitiari

Content Author & Course Instructor

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