Android Dependency Injection with Koin - Fundamentals

The Dependency injection (DI) pattern provides the backbone of the application by articulating all our software components around it. Koin is an easy to use and efficient dependency injection framework that has been used in Android applications since 2017. This course presents all the fundamentals to begin to use the Koin framework and use dependency injection in your Android application. 

Course Description

The course will give you a solid foundation in dependency injection fundamentals using Koin and walk you through the critical steps from declaring your components to testing them with JUnit tests.

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By the end of the course you will have mastered:

  • Dependency Injection Pattern
  • Koin Framework - DSL & API Fundamentals
  • Koin Framework - Setup
  • Injecting Dependencies in your Android App (Usual components & ViewModels)
  • Testing your Dependencies with Unit Test

Meet the instructors

Arnaud Giuliani

Content Author & Course Instructor

Koin Project Lead & Kotzilla Co-Founder. 15+ years Software Engineer. Speaker since 2016 for topics such as Kotlin, Android, Mobile Architecture & Koin. Google Developer Expert for Kotlin since 2020.

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