Dart Programming Fundamentals

Dart is a programming language used to build apps using Flutter framework. Explore the fundamentals of Dart to build a strong foundation for yourself to become a successful Flutter developer. 

Course Objectives

In this master codelab, you’ll explore:

  • What is Dart? Get the big picture
  • Using DartPad to create first Dart app
  • Basic Dart syntax
  • Creating a "Hello World" app
  • Control Flow Statements 
  • Functions with required and optional parameters
  • Loops: while, do while, for 
  • Lists and "for...in" loops 
  • Fat Arrow Notations
  • Ternary operator
  • Object Oriented Dart Programming 
  • Classes and Objects
  • Sound Null Safety
  • Null-aware and Bang Operators

Meet the instructor

Simone Alessandria

Content Author & Course Instructor

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