Controlling Data Consumption in Android Apps by Managing Network Usage

If your application does network operations, you should provide user settings that allow users to control the app’s data consumption pattern such as when to sync data, perform uploads and downloads over Wi-Fi, control data usage while roaming and many more. Such features allow users to precisely control data usage as per their needs. This course guides you on creating apps that effectively manage data consumption. It teaches you how your app can respond to and respect network connection changes and how you can give your users explicit control over your app’s data habits. 

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • How to check a device’s network connection? 
  • How to implement user settings that allow your users to manage your app’s data consumption?
  • How to perform network operations based on the user’s settings changes?
  • How to respond to changes in network connection?

Meet the instructor

Gibson Ruitiari

Content Author & Course Instructor

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