Configuring Build Variants and Product Flavors in Android 

Product flavors play a crucial role in the development of Android apps by offering a flexible and efficient way to create distinct variations of applications. Given the diverse landscape of user requirements, environments, and branding considerations, product flavors provide developers with a powerful toolkit to address these complexities. These variations can span different deployment environments, such as development, testing, and production, as well as encompass differences based on branding elements, features, and language preferences. By segregating these distinctions into separate flavors, developers can uphold a clean and organized codebase while providing a customizable user experience. In short, product flavors enhance code organization, simplify development workflows, and empower developers to effectively cater to diverse user needs. They stand as a valuable asset in your Android development toolkit.

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • What are Build Variants and Product Flavors? 
  • Need and benefits of having product flavors in Android apps.
  • Overview of build types product flavors. 
  • Creating different versions of the same app using product flavors.
  • Managing the common and individual source sets for different versions of an app. 
  • As an example, using Crashlytics for different versions of the app.
  • Branding a white-labeled app for different clients. 

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