Coil Library: Guide to Handling Images in Android Jetpack Compose

Coil is an image-loading library for Android. Under the hood, Coil uses Kotlin coroutines. Explore how to use Coil to load images from the network in a Jetpack Compose UI. You'll learn about AsyncImage parameters like contentScale and how you'd use them to customise images in your app to achieve the desired look and feel. You'll also learn about AsyncImagePainter, an alternative for loading images when you cannot use AsyncImage. You'll explore crossfade animation provided by Coil as well as learn how to create custom animations. Finally, you'll learn about SubComposeAsyncImage and how you will use the API to provide different content using state. In the end, you'll be knowledgeable about using Coil to load images in Jetpack Compose, Android. Happy Composing!

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • Using AsyncImage Composable to load images from the network and render them in your Jetpack Compose UI.
  • Using parameters provided by AsyncImage composable like contentScale, and alignment to customise an image.
  • Using AsyncImagePainter function, an alternative to AsyncImage for loading images.
  • Animating images (such as crossfade transition) using crossfade API as well as creating more custom animation. 
  • Using SubcomposeAsyncImage to define different content for different states like loading or error.

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Beatrice Kinya

Content Author & Course Instructor

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