Android Retrofit Fundamentals with MVVM and Jetpack Compose 

Learn the fundamentals of Retrofit, a powerful networking library for all types of Android apps by building an MVVM app with Jetpack Compose. Retrofit lets you connect with RESTful APIs and customize requests to suit your application needs.

  • Course Instructor: Breens Mbaka
  •  Level: Intermediate
  •  Course Duration: 68 minutes
  • Sample Project Included: Yes
  • Learning Path: Android Networking APIs and Libraries

Course Objectives

In this master codelab, you’ll explore:

  • What is Retrofit? What are its benefits over other libraries? 
  • Setting up Retrofit in an Android project
  • How do RESTFUL APIs work?
  • Creating and executing API requests
  • Make GET, POST, DELETE, UPDATE, and PATCH requests 
  • Customizing URLS using query parameters and path variables
  • Using Retrofit with other libraries such as OkHttp and Gson
  • Monitor network connectivity in your Android application  
  • Best practices for using Retrofit in Android projects 
  • Integrate Retrofit in MVVM app with Jetpack Compose

Meet the instructor

Breens Mbaka

Content Author & Course Instructor

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