Android Audio and Video: Building a Music Player and Video Player App with Jetpack Compose

Dive into a comprehensive Android media app development course, where you'll build a music and video player app following Google’s recommended architecture, explore the versatility of Exoplayer and its supported capabilities, understand the latest Jetpack Media3 API, gain insights into media app behaviors, and learn background playback techniques. From understanding how to play audio and video files and streams to syncing your app's UI with your player and enhancing user experience, this course will provide you with a strong foundation for creating engaging media apps and building on your app development skills.

Course Objectives

In this master codelab, you’ll explore:

  • Media app architecture  
  • Exploring Exoplayer advantages
  • Supported media formats and devices
  • Jetpack Media3 API (MediaSession, Player, MediaController, MediaSessionService)
  • Playing audio files and streams
  • Managing media playback
  • Listening to player events  
  • Synchronizing UI and playback states
  • Playing media in the background
  • Shuffling and repeating media items
  • Playing video files and streams
  • Fullscreen video playback 
  • Animating video size changes

Meet the instructor

Ademir Queiroga

Content Author & Course Instructor

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