Adding Dark Theme to an Android App with Jetpack Compose

Explore how you can use Material Theming to add support for a dark theme in your Jetpack Compose app by building a handy app to keep track of items that people have borrowed from you. 

Course Description

In this course, Adding Dark Theme to an Android App with Jetpack Compose, you'll learn all the fundamentals of adding a dark theme to your app in a scalable way. First, you will learn about the different colors in Material Theming and the UI components that depend on them. Next, you will override the colors in the default and add a corresponding dark theme. Moving forward, you'll refactor your UI components to use the correct colors from the theme instead of hardcoding them. Finally, you'll learn how to add previews that display the dark theme variant of your UI components. 

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By the end of the course you will have mastered:
(topics which viewers will learn)
  • Support light and dark themes
  • Explore colors used in Material Theming
  • Variants of dark and light theme colors
  • Generate configurable previews of Composables for both light and dark themes 

Meet the instructor

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Subhrajyoti Sen

Content Author & Course Instructor

Subhrajyoti is a GDE for Android. He is passionate about creating good mobile experiences and sharing his learnings with others. When not playing around with Android or AOSP, you can find him binge-watching TV shows or sketching anime characters.