Activity Lifecycle in Android

Activity provides a number of lifecycle callback methods that allow it to know that a state has changed from being created to being destroyed. Based on these callbacks, you can decide the behaviour of Activity when the user enters, leaves, or re-enters the Activity.

In this coffee break course, you'll explore

  • Overview of Activity and Android components 
  • Creative Lifecycle methods: onCreate, onStart, onResume, onRestart 
  • Destructive lifecycle methods: onPause, onStop, onDestroy 
  • Significance of each lifecycle method 
  • Lifecycle behaviour while navigating between Activities 
  • Lifecycle behaviour when the app is minimised and re-opened 
  • Code Challenge 

Meet the Instructor

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Sriyank Siddhartha

Content Author and Course Instructor

Sriyank is Tech Lead at Droidcon Academy. He is a passionate Android developer and a proud trainer. He loves to share his knowledge through his courses on various EdTech platforms. Before joining Droidcon, some of the popular EdTechs he has worked with are Pluralsight, Udemy, PacktPub, Internshala, and Kodeco. He was an organizer of Google Developers Group, Bhubaneswar and has conducted numerous free educational workshops to promote open source technologies. He also runs a Youtube channel Smartherd where he has published high-quality content which has been appreciated by over 1 lac subscribers. He loves to meditate regularly, go on long drives and visit new places.