Use Efficient Way to Validate Forms in Android Jetpack Compose

This coffee break course covers the essential techniques for implementing form validation in Android Jetpack Compose, with a focus on using the built-in TextField component. You'll learn how to handle the onValueChange callback to perform validation logic, update form state based on validation results, and display validation errors to users in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, the course provides examples of using TextField to validate various types of form inputs, such as email addresses, passwords, and dates. Finally, you'll discover how to integrate your form validation logic with other Jetpack Compose features, such as state hoisting and view models. By the end of the course, you'll have a solid understanding of how to build robust and user-friendly forms in Jetpack Compose.

In this coffee break codelab, you'll explore:
  • Use the TextField component in Jetpack Compose to display errors 
  • Strategies for updating the state of your form based on validation results 
  • Techniques for displaying validation errors to the user in a clear and concise manner 
  • Examples of how to use TextField to validate different types of form inputs, such as email address, password, and date.
  • Integrate Form validation logic with other Compose features, such as state hoisting and view models 

Meet the instructor

Belal Khan

Content Author & Course Instructor

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