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Our Vision

We're just getting started on an exciting journey to build the most comprehensive collection of learning resources for Android and Flutter devs. All great things have small beginnings. Start learning today and get access to a host of new courses released each month. 

We've worked hard over the past year with a team of experts to develop a comprehensive curriculum for Android and Flutter development. We have 30 Google Developer Experts, Senior Devs and Flutter/Android experts currently developing courses. Learn critical concepts as our instructors lead you through building a sample application from start to finish. The courses are informative, fun and interactive.

The vision doesn't just stop with providing up-skilling courses. Stay tuned for new industry-recognized certifications and a host of nano-certifications on a broad variety of topics.

Latest Video Codelabs

Each week we feature the newest codelabs released on the droidcon Academy site. Scroll down to view all available Coffee Break Codelabs and Master Codelabs as well as the codelabs we are working on.


Each codelab includes:

Sample Projects

Each codelab includes a link to a GitHub Reop with starter and final project so you have all the sample code at your fingertips.

Interactive video

Our instructors walk you through step-by-step in a hands-on learning experience. So you learn as you build your sample app.

Test your knowledge

Test what you have learned in quizzes at the end of each codelab and make sure you have the competencies you need.


At the end of each course you'll be able to download a certificate of completion to share online and with your manager.