Android ML Kit: Text Recognition, Face Detection, and Image Labeling

Learn and embed Machine Learning features such as Text Recognition,Face Recognition,Image Labelling into an app using Firebase. This course doesn't need your prior knowledge in Machine Learning to enroll in it. As world is keep on moving towards Machine Learning features day to day life then you must along with it to learn how to integrate such features inside an app.
  • Author: Ankit Sharma
  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Course Duration: 2 hours
  • Sample Project Included: Yes
  • Learning Path: Android Machine Learning

A few more words about this course

This course is meant for learners who want to get their hand in building android apps with machine learning features. From the technical aspect learners will be able to understand developing apps in Android Studio, inclusion of external SDKs and their core vital methods. In the beginning there will be brief description about the approach and demo of the resultant app then development & learning of topics goes together for building the concept in depth.
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By the end of the course you will have mastered:

  • ROOM basics
  • DAO, Queries, Entities
  • 1 to 1, 1 to many relations
  • Using Kotlin Coroutines
  • Creating Suspend functions for ROOM
  • Using Kotlin Flow in ROOM
  • JSON parser
  • Migrations between version

Meet the instructor

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Ankit Sharma

Content Author & Course Instructor
I am a Google Developer Expert and currently working as a Developer Advocate at Stream. Prior to that I was a Senior Android developer at Wizely. I am  an expert in Android Application Development. Apart from this I believe in the power of Internet where anyone can share knowledge, and that's exactly what I have been doing since last 7 years. I keep sharing whatever I learn through my website and youtube channel. I mainly create contents about building android apps.